What is purple Viking?

What is purple Viking?

1 oz blueberry liqueur. 1 oz sloe gin1 splash lime juice1 splash sweet and sour mix1 splash 7-Upxae soda

What was the made up drink on Cheers?

To thicken the plot on this fictional cocktail, the real Cheers bar in Boston has a screaming viking on its drink menu. It looks nothing like what was in Norms glass. According to the menu, its a mix of Bacardi Tangerine Rum, amaretto, and pineapple and cranberry juices, with a Bacardi Black float.

What can you mix with Mead?

You can make it into a long drink by using soda or tonic water, ice and a slice. You can use lemonade, but it will add to the sweetness. You can use it to make cocktails by mixing with cava or prosecco. It also works quite well with a good cider or something fruity like chamboard or crxe8me de cassis.

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